Today more than ever purchasing is a multi sensory experience.

We all buy a product by means of our eyes, our hands, our nose, our mouth, our ears. 

All our senses are activated when we evaluate an object to see if it’s for us.

What makes us live a positive experience, seduces us, it causes us emotions and remains etched in our memory

For those who work in the cosmetic and food sector this reflection is to be considered as a guideline in the design of packaging

At a time when our attention span is reduced to a minimum, packaging is effective when it speaks to the consumer’s unconscious mind and every detail helps in communicating the brand message on a deeper level

It’s no longer just about simply involving sight by using captivating colors and graphics. 

The consumers want more: they need that packaging tell them a story, they need emotions, they want to be enticed to touch, smell, metaphorically taste the product. 

In this concept of multi sensory packaging, form and materials play an increasingly important role in the design of a package. 

Feeling a pleasant sensation in touching an object, such as a jar, a container or a closure, anticipates the nice experience of using the content.  

This creates a bond with the consumers, it makes them appreciate the user experience even more. And when the material conveys a message of naturalness and sustainability, the consumers feel reassured and certain of their choice. 

The sensory stimulus of the consumer is one of the cornerstones in the design of our projects. That’s why we love using the blends Mixcycling® and wood: exciting materials that engage all senses!

Immagine che mostra i nostri materiali multisensoriali: legno e Mixcycling
Wood and Mixcycling®: our multi sensory materials