We create concretely sustainable packaging for you

Regeneration of our scraps and circular design: that’s how we understand sustainability and how we apply it to your projects.

Each week our wood turnery produces thousands of FSC certified wood components, can you imagine how many residues we generate during this process? Tons.

However, we no longer call them scraps, for us they are precious resources.

Resources we use to shape your projects. 

Some still call them waste, we call them our treasure of sustainability 

In fact it is in the residues that we find resources for innovative and low environmental impact materials that we use for our custom projects and in our products.

What is usually discarded in the wood and cork becomes the material MixcyclingⓇ with which we design packaging for cosmetics, make-up and fragrances. 

Sustainability? For us it means circular design

We often hear about sustainability, but this term does not always correspond to truly sustainable and concrete actions.

Therefore, for us, making a difference in this sense is vital.

For us, sustainability means using recycled materials and reinventing production processes globally.

For all our projects we work following the concept of Circular Design: we aim to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and CO2 emissions as much as possible.

Do you wish to know how we reduced our impact last year?

Check out our 2021 sustainability report


A beautiful and useful gift for you: the guide to plastic, the environment and the circular economy.

We know that there is great confusion and many prejudices on the subject of “plastic” and recycling.
So we thought of giving you a gift: one of those beautiful, useful and spot-on gifts that you rarely get, only those who know you well can make them.

What is it about?
This is a guide to the world of plastics, their environmental impact and the circular economy: a perfect tool to shed some light on these issues