Mixy, the sustainable jar that revives our scraps of wood

Mixy is our refillable jar for cosmetics and makeup that contains our scraps of wood.

Every week our wood turnery produces thousands of components in FSC certified wood. Can you imagine how many wood residues are generated during this process? Tons.

We understood that they are not useless scraps, but precious resources that we cannot waste. So we designed Mixy, our eco-friendly jar for skincare and make-up products.

Mixy, a little jar that communicates your love for the planet

Mixy is a perfect example of CIRCULAR DESIGN, the kind of approach we adopt for each of our projects. 

Wood chips, which otherwise we would have discarded, become the MixcyclingⓇ Lignum biocomposite, the precious material of our jar Mixy. 

Some still call them scraps, we call them our treasure

The wood chips represent for us a true treasure of sustainability: thanks to this organic component, our Mixy drastically reduces the use of non-renewable resources and CO2 emissions. 

Mixy can be reused as many times as you want

But Mixy’s sustainability goes further: the jar is equipped with a recyclable refill that allows to reuse Mixy over and over again. 

Mixy communicates your love for the planet. 

Mixy is tactile, captivating, natural.

It doesn’t need many words to communicate the natural essence of your brand. 

It just does it, simply because it is made of nature.