Circular Design: innovation and sustainability

A new regenerative model

Can design contribute to a sustainable development and affect the production processes of the future? We are strongly convinced that the answer is yes.

We often hear about sustainability, but this term is not translated into real sustainable actions. So, for us, it is vital to make a difference: We work every day to create a new regenerative model, thinking beyond the product and its characteristics, beyond the people for whom it is intended.

Sustainability, for us, means using recycled materials and globally reinventing production processes. This is why we prefer to talk about Circular Design.

From sustainable economy to circular design

Today more than ever, design is called to innovate by finding new organisational and production models to make the economy competitive but less harmful to the planet. This is why we design according to a circular approach imagining and developing products that, if regenerated, go through a new manufacturing process and, if recycled, go back to material processing.

Crediamo, infatti, che il design non sia un semplice orpello, un’aggiunta estetica, ma abbia un We believe that design is not a mere frill, an aesthetic addition, but that it plays a strategic role in this process.

There is design – in the sense of a project – in every moment that leads to the creation of value through a product: from concept to production, distribution, communication and the user experience.

Therefore, each of our production stages is entirely focused on sustainability and eco-compatibility, right from the idea and creation of the products, opting for greener materials, adopting design approaches that improve durability, and making production processes more efficient to reduce energy waste.

Sustainability “According to Nature” is not a way of saying, but of being.

With our eyes and our bodies. We experience nature by contemplating its beauty and living it to the fullest. We breathe in its harmony during a hike in the mountains; we get sensory involvement whenever we can. Nature is a source of inspiration and a source of new ideas.

It is in its respect that we make our investments, we set up our business, we make our customers evolve. We believe in sustainable production processes, we work to reduce more and more the environmental impact and we use all our resources to select materials that replicate, in every detail, harmony and beauty.

The sincere sharing of this value is, for us, the essential starting point of all our collaborations.

We are proud to be a Benefit Corporation

Sustainability without compromise.
This is what drives our projects.
This is what makes us look beyond.