Sensy, the perfume cap that revives our cork scraps

Sensy’s story begins in a cork oak forest.

Cork, one of the materials that we use for the production of packaging, is harvested from May to August, when the bark can be removed from the trunk without causing damage to the plant that continues to live and grow.

During the processing of cork a large amount of waste is produced which is reused to produce different products.

We have brought them back to life in our Sensy, a collection of eco-friendly perfume caps

Can you believe that the Sensy cork is made of our cork scraps?

Sensy is a perfect example of the application of CIRCULAR DESIGN, an approach that we adopt for each of our projects.

The cap Sensy is made of Mixcycling® Sughera: a biocomposite that contains our industrial cork waste and gives them a new life.

These recycled fibers represent a real treasure of sustainability: thanks to this organic component Sensy drastically reduces the use of non-renewable resources and CO2 emissions.

Sensy communicates the natural essence of your brand

The texture created by the cork fibers on the surface of Sensy caps communicates their natural soul and makes them different from each other: no Sensy is the same, each Sensy is a unique piece.

Unleash your creativity, combine shapes, colors and logos: Sensy will communicate the personality of your perfume and your brand’s love for the planet!

Sensy anticipates the pleasure of being surrounded by your perfume

A true sensory experience, which anticipates the pleasure of being surrounded by your fragrance.