Sensy, the cap for perfume that loves the planet

Here is Sensy,

Sensy is a cap for perfume to see, to touch, to feel.
A real sensory experience that anticipates the pleasure of being surrounded by your fragrance.
But it’s not just this: Sensy is a sustainable cap that communicates your love for the planet.

Sensy is a perfect example of a CIRCULAR DESIGN application, the kind of approach we choose for all our projects and represents the new aesthetic of sustainability.
Sensy is made of Sughera, one of the blends Mixcycling®: a material that reuses our industrial scraps of cork and gives them a new life.

Create your Sensy

Enjoy customizing your Sensy, choose

  • the shape
  • the color
  • the logo

With the right combination Sensy communicate the personality of your brand

and the pleasure of being surrounded by your fragrance. 

Sensy has a simple but sophisticated design 

and suites well with different bottles 

with FEA 15 and 15/400 pump sprayers. 

A medal for your fragrance

For a more effective communication of your brand you can customize Sensy with a medal.

We apply it without using any glue.

Choose the color that best expresses the character of your brand!

Per scaricare il file compila il form qui sotto: