Olly featuring Mixcycling®

Fall is the season of new beginnings and we often choose this period to undertake significant changes.

For our line of bottles Olly, September marks the introduction of an important news in its packaging: a brand new doser in Mixcycling® material, a sustainable solution, with a reduced presence of plastic, perfectly in line with the concept at the base of these stainless steel bottles, unendlessly reusable and recyclable. 

In the Mixcycling® closure we’ve reduced the percentage of plastic and we have charged it with our organic scraps giving them a new life.

The stopper consists of a pourer made of Mixcycling Sughera, containing a consistent percentage of cork, and a top closure made of Mixcycling Lignum, containing a high percentage of FSC certified wood powder.

The aesthetic outcome is pleasantly natural as the micrograins of cork and wood are visible in the surface of the closure. 

Finally a green, sustainable and with low impact packaging for your special olive oil.