Mixcycling bio coffee®

In the development of our Mixcycling® blends we prefer, when possible, taking advantage of organic 0 km scraps, mainly to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible but also because we love collaborating with companies of our territory, which is one of the most multifaceted industrial areas in Italy.

Among the many activities in our territory, we shall mention the coffee roasting, which boasts a great heritage. Actually coffee was introduced for the first time in Venice. Thanks to its position and its commercial connection with Arabia, coffee tradition was born in the lagoon city in 1600 and it spreaded throughout Italy in 1700.
The coffee roasting offers us a very special organic waste: pergamino.

But what’s pergamino?
It’s a rigid and thick film that protects the coffee grains and that is usually eliminated by a drying process before the final roasting.

Via its patented process Mixcycling® has joined this organic waste with a biodegradable material and we’ve obtained the blend Bio Pergamino, which is really surprising us for its pleasant look and its high technical performances.

For more info please contact our team! We’ll be happy to explore the possible applications with you!