We want to change the world, and materials play a leading role in it This is why our Research and Development team selects materials designed to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Materials with a high content of sustainability, respectful of nature and with aesthetics pleasant to the touch and to the eye.



Research proved that living in an environment rich in wood and wooden objects contributes to improving people’s general well-being. Wood can combine aesthetic qualities – its beauty and uniqueness – with functional and experiential qualities, such as extreme adaptability and durability. A wooden package gives pleasure and instantly provides value and sophistication to the product.

Our advantages? Our process allows you to select with us the most suitable wood types for your product and obtain even more exclusive results thanks to our numerous packaging customisation options. In addition, the wood we choose is all FSC® certified, which means it comes from supply chains that guarantee responsible management of forests and plantations.



Real innovation is in the scraps. It is in scraps that we find resources for innovative, customised and environmentally friendly materials. What is usually thrown away, in the processing of rice, wood and cork, becomes a “sustainable treasure” that we use to design packaging and products.

To explain how Mixcycling®’s novel materials are sustainable and incredibly unique, we put them together. We turned an ordinary set of samples into a container of tactile objects with which to experience the finishes of our products. Packaging is innovative and valuable when it enhances and stimulates all our senses, and those made with Mixcycling materials are: tactile, attractive, natural, and sustainable.

Now try to imagine how your packaging could improve its design to capture the senses of your consumer.

Contact us and come experiencing it with your own hands.


Among our materials, cork could not be missing.

Cork is incredibly versatile and has special physical characteristics: impermeability, impact resistance, hygroscopicity, …

But what is it, exactly? 

Cork is nothing but the bark of a special oak growing spontaneously in the western Mediterranean area.

The oak forest, the so-called “montado”, belongs to one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, with a number of vegetal and animal species per square meter even larger than the Amazon rainforest.

But the most interesting aspect of this material is its sustainability, actually 

  • Cork contributes to the climate mitigation
  • The extraction of cork increases the fixing of CO
  • Cork preserves the biodiversity
  • Cork is a renewable resource and it is obtained without damaging the trees

Others materials


Materials play an essential role in expressing the character of your idea: is the smooth coldness of steel or the warmth of copper the most suitable? Is it the refinement of alabaster or the shining transparency of glass?
Each product has its own material. For this reason, our volcanic creativity is also expressed through the great variety of materials we select for our packaging.

Metals, glass, stone: the possible combinations offered by these very different materials are many. And we are ready to advise you on what is best for you.

Our materials

Together we redefine the perception of your products

We want to redefine the perception of objects through their packaging. We believe that there is no limit to imagination, so we are constantly engaged in the search for unprecedented materials on the market, which can be applied in different sectors.

Would you like to explore new application frontiers with us?