Material connexion® welcome our mixcycling sughera® to its material libraries

After being judged by an international and inter-disciplinary jury, our Mixcycling® blends have obtained the Seal of Material Excellence and finally joined the library of Material ConneXion®, the most important international consultancy network about innovative and sustainable materials and productive process, located all over the world. 
This library connects the blend suppliers with the potential users, supporting them in the research of material solutions for their innovative projects: this is an amazing opportunity to show to the international market the potentialities of this beautiful blend containing scraps of natural cork and applicable in all industry sectors. We’re very proud of this achievement.
So, just visit Material ConneXion® libraries: you will see Mixcycling Sughera® and all Mixcycling® blends with your own eyes!

Please let us know what you think about it!