Corky toys

Corkytoys is an eco-friendly toy brand for animals that fully reflects Mixcycling® values.

Mixcycling® handlessdoor

HANDLESSDOOR is a silver ions antibacterial handle protection that can be applied to the door handles easily and allows the opening without using hands, thus reducing considerably the possibility of infection.  

Mixcycling bio lolla®

Mixcycling® Bio Lolla is a blend containg scrap of rice husks. Livingcap chooses this blend for its packaging for fragrances and cosmetics

Mixcycling bio coffee®

Mixcycling® has joined organic waste of coffee husks with a biodegradable material and has obtained the blend Bio Pergamino

Brevetti waf srl

Since 1970 the company Brevetti WAF s.r.l. has exported worldwide the culture of the beverage and the personality of Made in Italy design objects.