Greencorks® – A very inspiring collaboration!

The architect Manuel Cason is one of the most creative and challenging partners we’ve ever worked with!

Quando l’abbiamo incontrato e ci ha spiegato il suo progetto ci ha subito conquistato. Da una sua idea nasce il When we met him for the first time, we were instantly captivated by his project. Greencorks® is the product of one of his brilliant ideas, it’s a challenge originating from his care for sustainability: his aim is promoting the reuse of cork, a natural material, resistant, renewable and 100% infinitely recyclable.
Thus, Manuel and his collaborators of the MCA & Partners architectural firm, recover the used stoppers and scraps of cork processing, they grind them, reassemble them by means of organic rubber latex and create wonderful furniture and decorative objects, which you can see and buy here. 
Last but not least, to recycle this particular material, Manuel has invited Italian schools to collect the used cork stoppers, in return for vouchers to purchase educational materials.

A truly exceptional idea: we’re proud of this collaboration!