Corkytoys – your natural choice

Very often, those lucky people who enjoy the company of a cat in their home, are struck by watching him playing very concentrated with some small, insignificant objects, showing off all the qualities of a predator. Since many generations far from their natural habitat, cats magically preserve the movements, techniques and skills of the hunter, and show them during the games with these prey objects.

Nowadays plastic, rubber and in any case artificial polymers play a predominant role in the production of everyday objects; products destined for animals are no exception. But very often cats seem to be interested or attracted more by natural materials, that they find in our homes.

Thus, observing cats, our idea was born: to use cork, an essentially natural material, well suited to feline play activities. 
Its consistency, perfect for the claws, performs a better mechanical function than other materials and, at the same time, contributes to the cleaning, the shine and the well-being of the teeth, thanks to its “polishing” properties.
Moreover Corky toys respect the environment, being cork a completely eco-compatible and recyclable material.

The Corkytoys line is dedicated to careful customers, sensitive to the health of their pet, attentive to their nutrition, games and accessories.