Corky toys

One of the most appreciated pastimes for pet lovers is playing with their dogs in the garden! 
Their triumphant look when they bring the stick back to their master is so amusing! 
Sometimes, however, the pet toys get lost or accidentally broken and, as a consequence, they stay in contact with the soil for a long time and pollute the environment. 

So what about a solution that can entertain our pets and protect nature? This was actually our aim when we’ve designed and developed the new Corkytoys line in collaboration with our partner Mixcycling® srl.Corkytoys is a brand of eco friendly toys for pets that fully shares Mixcycling® values.
The toys are made of biodegradable Mixcycling® blends to reduce their impact as much as possible should they be left accidentally in the environment. Corkytoys are made of recycled organic charges, such as bran and cork, which make the object attractive for the pets’ sense of smell (thanks to the scent of the bran) and the touch (thanks to the softness of the cork). 

According to the exigencies of the dog, the toys are available in a soft material or in a harder one, to simulate the consistency of real bones. 
Corkytoys are available in two shapes, the bone and the stick, and in different dimensions to satisfy dogs of different sizes.

Have fun!