Cork: why is it one of the most sustainable natural materials?

How much do you know about cork? Did you know that cork is one of the most sustainable materials in nature?

In your everyday life you deal with cork more often than you think.

For example you find it when you uncork a bottle, or in the soles of your shoes, often also the insulation of your house is made by cork. 

Il sughero è un materiale dalle mille risorse, ha caratteristiche fisiche che pochi altri materiali offrono. Cork is incredibly versatile and has special physical characteristics: impermeability, impact resistance, hygroscopicity, …

But what is it, exactly? 

Cork is nothing but the bark of a special oak growing spontaneously in the western Mediterranean area.

The oak forest, the so-called “montado”, belongs to one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, with a number of vegetal and animal species per square meter even larger than the Amazon rainforest.

The most interesting aspect of this material is its sustainability. 

Our partner MixcyclingⓇ has prepared a document focused on cork and its influence on the CO2 presence on our planet. 

You will discover that: 

  • Cork contributes to the climate mitigation
  • The extraction of cork increases the fixing of CO
  • Cork preserves the biodiversity
  • Cork is a renewable resource and it is obtained from living trees

Enjoy the reading!

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