Color your Mixy!

Our R&D team loves experimenting with colors on the material Mixcycling Lignum: a blend developed by our partner Mixcycling that allows us to reuse our wood waste to produce Mixy, our refillable jar!

To define the official colors of Mixy, our team has tested a number of nuances and it was difficult to choose them: each color, in its own way, surprises us!

The light shades highlight the wood fibers on the surface of the jar and enhance its natural look.

The dark shades make the jar look very tactile, elegant and sophisticated

After several attempts, we have finally chosen the palette for our eco-friendly jar!

Besides the classic timeless black and white, we’ve selected for Mixy this collection of fresh and natural colors:

You can dress Mixy in your favourite colors!

It is very important that Mixy communicates the personality of your brand!

That’s why you can also choose your customized color to harmonize Mixy with the other packaging elements of your cosmetic!

The truth is that we can’t wait to be surprised once again by the colors of Mixy!