Mixcycling bio coffee®

Mixcycling® has joined organic waste of coffee husks with a biodegradable material and has obtained the blend Bio Pergamino

Brevetti waf srl

Since 1970 the company Brevetti WAF s.r.l. has exported worldwide the culture of the beverage and the personality of Made in Italy design objects. 

Bottles by Malund

A definitely eco friendly packaging: a bottle of glass, that is infinitely reusable and recyclable, and a closure made of Mixcycling® Sughera.

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Our closures

Our DNA has 45 years of experience in the field of closures for food and beverages: a long time, years of challenges to offer the right closure for any type of liquid, years spent on research, attempts, reached goals and targets to pursue.

Giflor srl

Our Mixcycling® are much appreciated also by our partner Giflor srl, who has applied our blend Sughera on some models of fliptop caps. 

Sughera bio

We’re happy to announce that Mixcycling family has a new component: now Sughera is available also in the BIODEGRADABLE version.