Brevetti waf srl

Since 1970 the company Brevetti WAF s.r.l. has exported worldwide the culture of the beverage and the personality of Made in Italy design objects. 

They produce a wide range of stoppers, corkscrews, glasses and ice buckets we could find everywhere: at a pub of a big capital city or a small restaurant in the country, at a sophisticated wine bar in Milan or a cellar Bordeaux…
Besides the love for design, Livingcap shares with Brevetti WAF its respectful behaviour towards the environment: Brevetti WAF actually carries out its activity totally respecting the planet, using responsibly natural resources and always analyzing the environmental impact of new production processes. 

Brevetti WAF has chosen our blend Mixcycling® to produce a new line of biodegradable ice buckets: specifically, the blend Mixcycling®Sughera BIO and Mixcycling® BIO Lignum containing cork and wooden scrap mixed with biodegradable plastic, thus obtaining design objects with a natural look and soul.