We share your same commitment

We create packaging that loves the planet, with those who love the planet, for those who love the planet.

If you are here, you are not looking for a simple supplier.

You are looking for a partner who shares your thoughts and your commitment.

We know this well because we do this every day: we carefully select our partners and make sure they share our values.

But what are we committed to?

In 2021 we have chosen to make a serious commitment to the planet, the territory and people. How?

  • We choose responsible partners who take concrete action to reduce the environmental impact.
  • We pay attention to the growth and discussion needs of our team
  • We support initiatives in favor of the improvement of our territory.
  • We make ourselves available to local schools to encourage the training of children.

Do you want to know more about our Benefit Company activities?

Sustainability “According to Nature” for us is not a common saying, but of being.

Nature is a source of inspiration and a source of new ideas.

We make investments, we design our packaging, we make our customers evolve, always keeping nature in our mind.

We believe in sustainable production processes, we work to reduce the environmental impact more and more and use all our resources to select materials that reproduce harmony and beauty in every detail.

For us the revolution is in the waste.

In fact, it is in our production residues that we find resources for innovative, custom and low environmental impact materials. What is usually thrown away in the processing of wood and cork becomes our “sustainable treasure” with which to create the materials that are transformed into our packaging.

Thus our scraps live a new life in our jars, in our perfume caps and in our accessories for home fragrances, according to a Circular Design approach that is the basis of all our projects.

Contact us to find out more about the packaging created with our scraps

A beautiful and useful gift for you: the guide to plastic, the environment and the circular economy.

We know that there is great confusion and many prejudices on the subject of “plastic” and recycling.
So we thought of giving you a gift: one of those beautiful, useful and spot-on gifts that you rarely get, only those who know you well can make them.

What is it about?
This is a guide to the world of plastics, their environmental impact and the circular economy: a perfect tool to shed some light on these issues