Back to school to discuss about the Circular Economy with the GENERATION Z

Sustainability and circular economy are trend topics but too often people talk about them just superficially.

We must not assume that they are clear concepts for everyone.

We are aware of it. Thus, together with our partner Mixcycling Benefit Corporation we decided to dedicate some of our time talking about these topics in schools of our area.

We’ve started this morning with IIS Scotton in Breganze (VI). With the help of the principal and the teachers we arranged a lesson of circular economy for their students.

Let’s be honest: we know that themes like circular economy, LCA and Carbon Footprint are neither easy nor light. We feared that the kids would get tired after a few minutes of explanation…

On the contrary these students have really surprised us!

Actually they have interacted with us, they’ve asked many questions and most of all they have expressed their concerns about the actual commitment of the companies, especially of some big companies, in adopting a circular economy approach.

In this occasion we had the intention of teaching students something new.

But in the end it was the students who communicated a fundamental message to us: Generation Z is endowed with a strong critical spirit and asks us for concrete and responsible actions.

So, companies, we must pay attention, the kids, our future stakeholders, are watching us. 

Let’s not disappoint them!