Living Cycle, real results

We call it Living Cycle: a flexible and proactive way to work that gives our clients a real competitive advantage.

In every sense of the word.

Everything starts with what you need, not with what we have to offer.

Our natural client approach starts with an analysis of the project which then turns to design, materials, and innovation that generates opportunities. We do not simply design a cover, we give shape to your ideas, naturally.

The Living Cycle method is all about a single supplier for maximum impact

Our work cycle is LIVING because, like a living being, it adapts to your objectives. So you obtain what you need, exactly how you need it. This for us is the first meaning of SUSTAINABILITY.

Are you still calling it PACK?

We call it imPACKt!

Did you ever think about the impact that packaging can have on your sales and brand experience? Packaging can turn heads, make people notice a product, make them love it!
Packaging can also reduce environmental impact and support your brand’s commitment towards the planet.

Conquer the communication podium with our Kit

To help our clients convey their project at its best, we create “The ImPACKt Kit”, a handy kit that illustrates all the opportunities associated to the type of packaging chosen. This allows our partners to get the best out of their project to give visibility to the brand and stand out from the competition.

What does the personalised kit contain?

  • Information on the different materials used;
  • Information on the innovation process;
  • Information on the various certifications;
  • Experential advantages.