Very often we come across packs for cosmetics made of sustainable, biodegradable or bio-based materials that are aesthetically anonymous or rough.

In these cases sustainability is justly a priority but at the expense of aesthetics and design.

But why should sustainability exclude beauty?

Sustainability is beauty.

What do you think?

We believe that these two aspects are not in conflict and that they need to coexist in your packs.

The sustainable version of the packaging shouldn’t be the poor imitation of the non sustainable version, quite the opposite, it should be more captivating and desirable to the consumer. 

We’ve found the right balance of aesthetic and sustainability in MixcyclingⓇ materials that include organic scraps of different types and give them a second life. 

In these blends natural fibers give a touch of originality and make the packaging unique and distinguishable to the consumer, who immediately perceive and realize its natural soul.

So, once again: let’s save the planet but let’s not forget the style!