Your partners for growth

A team of creative, strong, innovative and practical people. Ready to give shape to your ideas.

And yes, we are so dynamic that we are literally in love with what we do. Because we have it in our heart: 50 years in business in Labrenta to be today Livingcap, a company specialised in the production of sustainable packaging for the cosmetics, food and interior design sectors.

We believe in shapes

Shape that make dreams tangible items. Shapes that turn research into a tangible object that leads to change.

Professionalism “worth its weight in gold”.

Professionalism turns a simple concept into a process that generates value for all people involved. It becomes “gold” not only in terms of return on the investment, but in terms of contribution to human relationships. Professionalism is, for us, a way of being.

We are much more than a team.

Le squadre hanno bisogno di allenarsi per creare l’amalgama. Noi siamo un team da Teams need training to create cohesion. We have always been a team, every person who joins Livingcap “is already one of us” because each new member shares a unique “character”. People recognise us at first glance, they choose us, every day.

The environment needs to be saved now, one pack at a time

We do not make crazy sustainability plans. We do not use trite expressions like “we are totally green”. We do not feel that need Because our work has always been based on sustainability. Research makes it sustainable, our actions make it tangible and genuine.

We distinguish cost from value

Yes, but how much does it cost? This question is not part of our way of evaluating.

We are sure that there is a big difference between an expensive item and a valuable one. We promised ourselves that we would act to produce value, so that cost becomes an investment, in everything we do.

We are proud to be a Benefit Corporation

We decided to commit ourselves seriously towards the planet, our land and the people. We wanted to certify, also at a legal level, our will to pursue the common good. Changing our articles of association to comply with the Benefit corporation model is our way of being even more open in stating that our actions are focused on reducing environmental impact, bringing value to our land and encouraging training and education.

We are glad to introduce our Sustainability Report 2021

We are proud to be a Benefit Corporation