Packaging for Planet Lovers.

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From consulting services to the design of the perfect packaging, at Livingcap we specialise in giving shape to your ideas, naturally.

We create packaging that love the planet, with those who love the planet, for those who love the planet.

It is our way of supporting brands and shaping a better future. Positive, conscious, sustainable.

We think

We support you in planning and designing your packaging from the very beginning, when everything is still just an idea.

We design

We take care of the feasibility study, searching for the most suitable materials and technologies for your product implementation.

We test

We create the prototype, we revise it and then we build the mould for production.

We manufacture

From concept to production: we give tangible shape to your products, so that you can touch and feel what you imagined.

We communicate

We provide your media department the information they need to make your project newsworthy.

From pack to ImPACKt

The materials you choose, the way you decide to develop your business tells the story of your commitment, what you do for people and the planet. A sealing helps to open the road to a different relationship with your customers. A container becomes the trigger for a new brand experience.

That is why we only work with materials that reflect our care for the planet.

The imPACKt Experience Kit

“The imPACKt Experience” is our way of showing you all the opportunities for the packaging you are choosing.

A tool to support the marketing and communication department, which allows you to exploit your project to give your brand visibility, differentiating you from your competitors. A convenient and complete kit that will help your company to communicate your project in the best possible way.